Second national congress of Iran’s local technology

AWT IMAGESecond national congress of Iran’s local technology in the fields of technology in construction industry,ceramic,glass,texture,medical,pharmacy and psychology and by support of Iran’s local technology association and technology group will be hold in ordibehesht 29th and 30th ,1388, at architecture and urban college of Elmo Sanat University of Iran.

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Three essays were presented in international conference in India

AWT IMAGEThree members of architectural and urban college scientific board presented three essays in eleventh international conference of Human habitations in India.

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7th Conference on Iran`s Scientific Architecture


  This conference was held on Wednesday 89/03/19 at the Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty.

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Exclusive Prize in Science


  Dr. Naser Coleini, member of academy staff at the design group participated at a conference on "Kansei Engineering and Emotion International Research 2010" 88/9/12 to 88/12/14 held in Paris.

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International conference on Architecture and Urban Planning(B.A)

AWT IMAGEInternational conference on Architecture and Urban Planning(B.A) is established electronically with Dr. Said Jabal Amoli and Dr. Hassan Feizi as the editors in chief.

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