Outlook and Mission

  Vision and Mission

  With 46 years of experience in education and research, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Iran University of Science and Technology continues to be active at one of the greatest technological and well-known universities of Iran. The School is equipped with outstanding faculty members, academic experts and specialists, an active and compassionate administrative staff and facilities that include a library, a computer center, classrooms and ateliers equipped with multimedia et al. The School of Architecture & Urban Planning is dedicated to advancing the understanding, value and quality of the built, natural and social environments through excellent and distinctive teaching and research in line with IUST’s mission for the growth of our scientific and professional scholars.

 School Vision Statements

  By 2025, the School of Architecture & Urban Planning located at Iran University of Science and Technology aims to accomplish the following:

  · Establish a comprehensive learning center that pioneers education centers in the fields of art, architectural engineering, urban planning, urban design and industrial design in the Islamic countries.

  · Administer developers, artists and engineering instructors committed to Islamic values and creating an environment that meets the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

  · Set the foundation for a variety of theoretical and applied researches with the leading academic centers of the world. Achieve rank one among the nation’s architectural academic centers.

  · Devise the basis of Iran’s future industrial design, architecture, urban planning and design according to the transcendent values ​​ of Islamic culture and the civilization of ancient Persia.

  · Enhance and support intellectual and Islamic civilization-based theories in the study of architecture and urban planning.

  · Further incorporate the Iranian-Islamic identity represented sensibly in form and content in works of architecture, urban planning and industrial design.

  According to the framework of Islamic theory and moral values, the School of Architecture & Urban Planning at Iran University of Science and Technology undertakes the following missions in applied arts and exploits the latter findings of science and engineering:

  · Improving and flourishing the existential dimensions and the affordance of wisdom-achieving among thinkers, professors and lecturers in art, architecture, urban planning and urban design.

  · Creating theory in the philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, Architecture, Urban Planning and Industrial Design based on the rich Islamic culture.

  · Developing applied research based on scientific methods in order to update and maximize the efficiency of architectural engineering, urban planning and design.

  · Implementing and developing pedagogical works according to the criteria and standards of the world  and in consistency with the values of an Iranian-Islamic society.

  · Educating and training creative, committed, resourceful and diligent graduates for national development at different levels.

  · Endeavoring in being a pioneer in the art of design and engineering knowledge of the world based on cultural values.


 The School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Iran University of Science and Technology, built upon Islamic theoretical and practical thought and monotheistic values, is an institution reliant upon divine virtues, vision, wisdom, equality, truth and an understanding of the world’s essence and human growth.

 The primary mission of the School and its programs is to provide a curriculum and an educational context that instills in our students a strong social consciousness and a desire to be active participants in a science centered, universal and engaging environment that values the works of great figures and advocates commitment, responsibility, meritocracy, self-build, societal build, the build of natural and synthetic environments, history, creativity, the combining of practical, professional and modern Islamic art and the protection and improving of the human environment suitable for materialistic, emotional, and eternal success of humanity.



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