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Central library is in main building of Architecture and Urban college . it has totally11900 book volumes from this number 7260 volumes are in Persian ,4640 volumes are in foreign languages,66 common library,66 persian magazines,38 foreign languages magazines (basement)

scientific documents archive

firs floor of central building of the college has a place for keeping theses.these theses are more than 1000 volumes.other student’s research project will be given to other students or researchers who eants to have it for more study. (photo gallery)

Computer site


Computer site can access to network information and has 24 computers in 3 separate places and B.S,MSc and Ph.D students can have their special classes on that addition of taking lessons which related to computer,students can use the site for technical softwares and access to the university technical information banks on internet. (photo gallery)



Architectural and decoration workshop,photography,ceramic,construction technic,volume and fiberglass

design galleries

it has 12 galleries,9 of them are equipped with audio – visual .3 classes making college theoretical and design educational spaces. (galleries 1-2-3-4 are in building number 2,5-6 are in first row of niches, 7-8 are in second row of niches,9-10 are in basement of central building and 11-12-13-14 are in fourth floor of central building) (photo gallery)


auditorium is in first floor of central building .it’s capacity is 100 has all audio-visual possibilities for all conferences and congresses.(ground floor) (photo gallery)

Permanent exhibitions

The center of central building is a place that presents a permanent exhibitions from students activities all year round. (ground floor) (photo gallery)


There is a gallery from art work in separate place on ground floor of central provides a proper place for presenting designs and independent projects. (basement) (photo gallery)

Architecture and urban research center

According to the policy of country High education in order to develop complementary education and research centers ,this center established and began its activity in Architectural and Urban college in year 1376. a various research projects in theoretical , functional ,design- functional (as consultant engineer)dimension has performed.

Examples from center’s research projects


Project’s title

Ministry of Urban &Housing

Influence of Islamic culture on house and district architecture

Ministry of Urban &Housing

Islamic identity in architecture

Ministry of Urban &Housing

Foundations of architecture design

University research assisstant

Islamic philosophy in architecture

Optimization eroded tissues organization

Identity of Fars cities

Architecture college

Familiarization with modern architecture

Vice chancellor for research

Foundation of Islamic philosophy in architecture

Vice chancellor for research

Light(brightness) and darkness

Ministry of education

Technical planning book

Payame noor university

Foundations of theoretical architecture book

Payame noor university

Human,Nature and architecture book

Ministry of education

Technical drawing and planning architecture

Architecture college

Research ,complementary education and Ph.D archive

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